Cayman Arts and Museums

For those visitors who want to scratch more than just the surface when it comes to Grand Cayman's history, a visit to the National Museum is a must while in Grand Cayman. The museum is a blend of artifacts from yesteryear and the communication advances of today. In the natural history exhibit you will find three-dimensional maps and rock displays and surrounding water formations that make up these islands.

Live international and local theatrical performances are held throughout the year at The Harquail Theatre and Prospect Playhouse. When you are in Grand Cayman, please check the local papers for upcoming productions.

A brand new Cinema with two air-conditioned, state of the art theatres show the latest movies.

Cayman Sports and Attractions

Grand Cayman has all the attractions you will find in most vacation destinations. We are well known for our world-class water activities including diving, snorkeling, fishing, parasailing, wave runners, submarines, wind surfing, kayaking and of course Stingray City, our most well-known tourist attraction.

Besides playing in the water all day you may want to explore the island's land attractions. The Turtle Farm, Pedro's Castle, Mastic hiking trail, island tours, Botanical Park, The Blow Holes, The Wreck of The Ten Sail, horseback riding along the beach, bowling, golf, tennis, handball, are just a few activities you may have an interest in exploring.

Great Diving and Snorkeling in Cayman


The Cayman Islands is proudly known to have some of the most beautiful waters in the world. The average water temperature is very similar to the air temperature. In the summer months it can be 84 degrees and the winter 80 degrees. Locals will say you can read a newspaper at 300 feet deep. The combination of beautiful, clear waters and a comfortable temperature, make it very enjoyable for all sorts of activities.

The islands have numerous first-class dive operators to take you from a resort course to dive master and instructor certification. What better place to learn or master the sport.

Grand Cayman has over 160 named dive sites, Cayman Brac has 37 and Little Cayman another 41. The Cayman Islands Department of Tourism has prepared Dive and Snorkel Guides, which are excellent sources of information for the names and locations for all the sites. As well you will find information containing valuable tips on safety and equipment. A comprehensive fish and reef identification chart is also included.


The Cayman Islands can be as rewarding to the casual snorkeler as it is to the avid diver. It certainly requires less equipment, training and access to the site is generally easier.

The waters in The Cayman Islands have such a warm temperature you can literally snorkel for hours and never feel uncomfortable, and you only need a mask, fins and enthusiasm.

You can arrange many types of snorkel trips while you are in The Cayman Islands. You can go on boat excursions for two hours, half day or full day depending on your schedule. All the outfitters provide snorkel equipment if you don't have your own. The full day trips usually include a lunch and refreshments.

You can go on organized snorkel yours or stop by the many shore sites, around the island, which you can explore at your own pace and at no cost.

Cayman Islands Shopping

Grand Cayman is the place to shop for brand-name jewellery, watches, perfumes, cigars, clothing, china,and souvenirs. All purchases on the island are duty and tax-free, making this one of the best-priced destinations in the world for shopping.

Grand Cayman basically has two commercial shopping areas. The harbor district in George Town and the tourist zone in Seven Mile Beach, are where most of the shops are located.

George Town Shops

The stores and malls in George Town are geared to the cruise ship market obviously because of their location. The ships arrive daily, except usually for Sundays and holidays. Thousands of cruise ship passengers arrive weekly. Because of the large trade they provide, the hours of operation are based on their schedules, generally from 8am to 5pm.

You can find brand names like; Rolex, Movado, Omega, ESQ., Coach, Swiss Army, Christian Dior, Chanel, Calvin Klien and many more.

Grand Cayman retailers of Tanzanite have one of the largest selections of jewellery worldwide. Keep an eye open for Black Coral outlets. If you are looking for a special design that is personal to your taste, there are "by appointment only" jewelers that will custom fit your order.

If you will be staying in Grand Cayman and not on a cruise ship, it may be a good idea to reserve your shopping days in this region on the slower cruise ship days, like Friday or Saturday.

Seven Mile Beach Shops

The shops along Seven Mile Beach are more geared to tourists staying on the island. The hours in the malls are usually 10am to 8pm or later.

The shops in the malls on SMB carry the same products as George Town; however they have expanded area such as restaurants, pharmacies, liquor stores and food stores.

Food Stores

The food stores are very well stocked with all brand names. Pretty much anything you can buy at home you will find here. The three major grocery stores are Foster's Food Fair, Kirk's Supermarket and Hurley's Marketplace.

Take note the stores are closed on Sundays and holidays; however Foster's Pharmacy is open. You can purchase sundry items like snacks, cigarettes, canned goods, paper supplies and pharmaceutical items. International ATM outlets are in each of the stores.

Dining in the Cayman Islands

At the 200 plus restaurants you will find every type of setting and cuisine imaginable. Fish and seafood menus are obviously in abundance because of our locale. Our West Indian heritage provides the local flavor whether you are dining casual, elegant or at one of the many jerk stands around the islands.

The American restaurant chains are noticeable all up and down Seven Mile Beach and George Town. Pizza, subs, chicken and hamburgers are familiar to our North American visitors. Ethnic foods are becoming more and more popular with Austrian, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Italian, English and French restaurants to name but a few.

Tips and Grats for Services

Many of the hotels and restaurants automatically add a 10% to 15% gratuity on to the bill, others do not. Be sure to examine your bill.